Project Management System

PMS(Project Management System) is designed with purposes for successful project management, good communication
with clients as well as enhance work efficiency with the computerized processes. PMS does not only share the information
but also support organized management for detail work process at each level. Configuration of PMS and main function of
each menu are explained in below figure.

Project Overview

Detail information related on the project is provided.

Progress Report

Project progress report written by project manager is updated regularly to share project progress status.

Schedule Report

Shows achievement ratio to planned schedule for each process step.

Suborder Status Report

Shows deveivery schedule and warehousing status for all main items.

Fabrication Photos

Customer can confirm how fabrication is progressed via updated photos.

Document List

All released documents and drawings for the project are registered and customer can download them.

Maintenance History

Once troubleshooting or modification was made, maintenance history is updated with a report.


RUSSELL ROBOTICS provides regular technical training of operation and maintenance for supplied AGV system.
Our basic, techincal and maintenance training help customer to manage AGV system to have more efficiency.
From these courses, attendance can understand AGV system in detail and how to use control tools.

Basic Training

Basic Training

  • -Vehicle cofiguration
  • -Safety logic
  • -Vehicle control logic
  • -How to operate vehicle
  • -How to operate system
  • -Introducton of control tools

Technical Training

Technical Training

  • -Functions of AGV
  • -Tuning of vehicle
  • -Layout design
  • -Vehicle application design
  • -Start-up procedures
  • -Actions for troubleshooting

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training

  • -Electrical design
  • -Mechanical design
  • -Precautionary items
  • -Precautionary measures
  • -Repair of components
  • -Replacement of components

RUSSELL ROBOTICS has own simulation tool called as ASSIM specialized for AGV system.
It has been developed to expect how AGV system will be operated with designed modeling at the system planning stage.
Also this specific tool helps system engineer to design the control system based on objective data.


Layout design & Process modeling


System analysis & Feedback functionality


Customized simulation tool for AGV System