Specialized AGV System Supplier
Leading company in feild of AGV System business, South Korea

RUSSELL ROBOTICS was established in 2012 newly, but company history has been continued from the previous company
for more than twenty years and we have tried to keep the leading position in field of AGV system business with advanced
technology and reliable customer service. With accumulated experience and skilled engineering solution,
RUSSELL ROBOTICS will be the best partner of you and our differentiated technology promisses your success.

TMA was established
Engineers from the previous company
established a company newly as a name of
'Total Machinery Automation' in 2012.
Major project portfolio of the year
·3 Projects, 10 Vehicles
·Mobile Assy' Part Transport AGV System
·Pallet Transport Conveyor AGV System
·Aircraft Wing Assy' Part Transport LGV System
Partnership with KOLLMORGEN
TMA and Kollmorgen signed NDC license agreement.
NDC,specialized solution only for AGV system and used
worldwide, has provided high reliability and convinient
tools that can create AGV and system application.
Major project portfolio of the year
·6 Projects, 26 Vehicles
·Steel Coil Transport AGV System
·Display Panel Mask Transport LGV System
·IT Film Roll Transport AGV System
·Aircraft Wing Assy' Part Transport AGV/RGV System
Expand into Overseas Markets
TMA made a partnership with local companies in East
Asia and Oceania Markets. And then we have exported
AGV systems to China, Australia and North America
since 2014.
Major project portfolio of the year
·7 Projects, 16 Vehicles
·Oven Trolley Transport LGV System
·Display Panel Mask Trasnport LGV System
·Display Panel Crate Transport LGV System
·Assy' Module Transport AGV System
Release Natural Navigation
A new and advanced vehicle guidance method,
'Natural Navigation' was developed and released
as a beta version. It is available in natural environment
without any landmarks.
Major project portfolio of the year
·4 Projects, 33 Vehicles
·Assy' Module Transport AGV System
·Skid Towing AGV System
Open Training Course
TMA opened training course to provide know-how for
operation and maintenance of supplied AGV system.
Our technical training helps to operate vehicle and
system with higher efficiency.
Major project portfolio of the year
·4 Projects, 27 Vehicles
·Assy' Module Transport AGV System
·Display Panel Mask Transport LGV System
·Skid Transport Conveyor AGV System
New Navigation Technologies
The first appication for 'Natural Navigation'
was installed on the customer's site in Malaysia.
Another new guidance method 'Barcode Navigation'
was introduced and released officially.
Major project portfolio of the year
·3 Projects, 25 Vehicles
·Mxiing Cylo Transport Conveyor LGV System
·Cable Transport AGV System
·Reel Transport AGV System
AGV for Semiconductor Manufucturing Process
Specially designed AGV to handle wafer rack used
in semiconductor manufacturing process has been supplied.
This AGV is equipped with advanced safety features and has
an optical guidance system to be optimized in clean facilities.
Major project portfolio of the year
·9 Projects, 35 Vehicles
·TDBI AGV System
·Pallet Transport Forklift LGV System
·Wire Rod Transport AGV System
TMA was incorporated with RUSSELL
And the company name was changed to RUSSELL ROBOTICS.
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Based on specialized technology and experience, RUSSELL ROBOTICS has differentiated competitiveness than competitors.
Together with partners that have advanced technology, RUSSELL ROBOTICS has supplied optimized AGV system solution.
Also RUSSELL ROBOTICS has developed its own controller and design tools continuously to serve more stable AGV system.


RUSSELL ROBOTICS has supplied various FA systems, together with AGV Systems, to build up more effective system.
A rail guided vehicle and conveyor system are included our product range.


RUSSELL ROBOTICS convers all steps by themselves to progress a project from planing to customer service.


RUSSELL ROBOTICS have a partnership with below companies to enhance control solution and expand into overseas market.